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Additional foreign keys

DBTarzan uses the foreign keys in the database to walk from rows in a table to the related rows in aother one. But what if the foreign keys are missing? May be the database administrator forgot to add the foreign key and there is no fast way to add it. Or may be the database just does not support foreign keys (No SQL).

DBTarzan gives the possibility to add the foreign keys yourself, not in the database (DBTarzan only reads data from the databse, never writes), but in the configuration of DBTarzan. It will store the keys in a file and load them every time you open the database, so that they can be used again.

The additional foreign keys will then be used to go from rows of the from table to the related ones in the to table, but also the inverse is possible, so you can go from rows of the to table to rows for the from table.

Additiional foreign keys