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Can I use it with production databases?

DBTarzan does not change the content of the databases, it uses only read-only queries, so it can’t change the content of the database:

  • To query the names of the tables it uses the JDBC Connection.getMetaData().getTables() method.
  • To query the columns of each table it uses the JDBC Connection.getMetaData().getColumns() method.
  • To query the foreign keys it uses the JDBC Connection.getMetaData().getImportedKeys() and Connection.getMetaData().getExportedKeys() methods.
  • Simple selects with simple where clauses (on the primary key or on the foreign keys) are used to show the content of the tables.

Also, by default DBTarzan limits the rows resulting from a select query to 500. This can be changed in the Connection editor, but only by purpose.

I use it frequently in my office on production databases.