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DBTarzan supports multiple languages for the UI (menus, buttons, log).

To add a new language, for example German:

  • Copy the file dbtarzan/localization/English.scala to the new file dbtarzan/localization/German.scala and change the name of the English class in the new file to German Change all the quoted text from English to German.
  • In the dbtarzan/localization/Languages.scala file add to the Languages singleton object the line

    val GERMAN = Language("german")

    and in the line val languages = List(ENGLISH,...

    add the GERMAN language.

  • In the file dbtarzan/localization/Localizations.scala, in the match clause in the Localizations singleton object add the following line: case Languages.GERMAN => new German()

That’s all. After the application has been compiled and started, the German language will appear in the Global Settings Languages combo box.