The database browser

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Table Information

When you open a table tab, DBTarzan shows the content of the table, and on the right a panel with the foreign keys of that table. Under the foreign keys table there is another panel, showing additional table information. This panel is divided in two tabs:

Table Query

Table query

Shows the query that extracted the content displayed in the table. It can be copied, just selecting it and copying the selection. So you can for example run the query in other applications.

Table Fields

Table fields

Shows the structure of a table in terms of its fields, e.g. the name of the fields and their type. This can be used for example to write a program that reads the content of the table; you need to know for example if the fields are texts of numbers, if they are nullable.

The copy content to clipboard menu copies the whole table structure (fields names and types) to the clipboard, in a tabular format.