The database browser

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GUI structure

Window Commented

  1. The databases list, as read from the configuration. When you open a database, a new database tab is added.
  2. The tables list for the selected database. When you open a table, a new table tab is added.
  3. The tables filter filters the names in the tables list, showing only the ones with names and columns matching the filter text.
  4. The table rows in a table tab.
  5. The foreign keys in a table tab. Selecting some table rows and double-clicking in a foreign key, a new table tab is added with the rows in the related table connected to the selected rows.
  6. The where clause in a table tab. Writing an SQL where clause a new table tab is added with the result of filtering the original table with the clause.
  7. The order by in a table tab. Choosing the order-by column or columns, a new table tab is added with the result of sorting the rows of the original table with the order by clause.
  8. The table query and fields for the displayed table, also called table information.
  9. The errors that are displayed when something goes wrong, together with other log: wrong where clause, problems connecting to a database.

Using the table tab menu the Vertical row view can be displayed on the rigth side of a table.

Under the table tab there is a progress bar. It progresses when table rows have been loaded and when foreign keys have been loaded.