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Foreign keys

DBTrarzan is a database browser that uses foreign keys to traverse the tables of a relational database. Foreign keys are used in the database as constraints, but they contain information about the relationships among tables. DBTarzan sees a foreign key as a directed relation between 2 tables, composed by:

  • a owner table (the table containing the foreign key, also called child)
  • a referenced table (the table referenced by the foreign key, also called parent)
  • the owner columns, the columns in the owner table that are part of the foreign key
  • the referenced columns, the columns in the referenced table that are part of the foreign key

Foreign key

DBTarzan uses the foreign key to traverse the database:

  • from the owner table to the referenced table
  • also in the opposite direction, from the referenced table to the owner table.

This happens in the following way:

  • The user selects (checks) one or more rows in a table (we call it from table)
  • The user activates the foreign key to a table that we call the to table
  • For each selected row, DBTarzan:
    • reads the values of the foreign key columns in the from table,
    • in the to table it finds all the rows that match with their foreign keys columns values the from table values.
    • it shows these rows in the result.

Foreign key rows