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Table tab

Table tab

A table tab is a tab that contains some table rows which are:

  • the content of a database table, if opened directly from the tables list.
  • or the result of a query, when as a result of applying foreign keys, where clauses or order by from other tabs.

The tag on the tab gives some information about the content of the table.

Open new tabs

From this tab:

  • selecting some rows and double-clicking on one foreign key on the right you can open new tab containing the rows related to the selected ones in the table connected by the selected foreign key.
  • using the where clause on the top you can open a new tab containing a subset of the results.
  • using the order by menu on the top right, you can open a new tab with the same result ordered in a different way.

The menu by on the left of the where clause gives the possibility to:

  • close this or other tabs
  • check or uncheck all rows
  • open the row details or vertical row, to have a better view of the details of a specific row.


All the menu items have a key combination associated.
For example to close this table tab you just have to click Ctrl-Delete.


On the bottom panel on the right you can see information about the query that generated the table and its structure