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Order by

From version 1.10 it is possible to open a new tab from an existing one applying an ORDER BY clause to the tab’s query. This can be beneficial in all cases in which the table contains more than 500 rows (which means that dbtarzan cannot load it completely) and there is not a known WHERE clause that can be used to show only the meaningful rows. In this case applying ORDER BY clauses can help exploring the data in the table.

To apply an ORDER BY clause to the existing tab use the Order By menu on the right:

order by menu

Choosing one column name from the menu the new tab will be ordered by that column in ascending order. This can be enough in most cases. If instead you need to sort the table using multiple columns or in descending order, clicking on the menu’s More… option, a dialog opens:

order by dialog

The dialog contains a list of order by columns, in the order in which they get applied in the final order by clause. To add a new column, choose column/field name and direction (ASC for ascending, DESC for descending) and press the Add button.

To replace the values of a row in the list select the row, choose column/field name and direction and press the Update button.

To move a row up or down in the list, select the row and press Move up or Move down.

To remove a row from the list, select the row and press Delete.

To apply the order by columns to the current tab press the Save button. The Cancel button closes the dialog without generating a new tab.

If the Save button is not enabled, it means that no change has been made. If the fields selection is empty, a confirmation dialog is displayed when saving.